Innovations & Downloads

We provide publications, guidelines, standards and tools for free download. The ifanos group is very much interested in disseminating these materials in order to improve the quality of Capacity Development in other projects:

  • The Cascading System for Human Capacity Development. Executive summary of outputs and achievements.  Download

Innovations from our work include the…

Sustainable Development Atlas

Spatial planning requires to integrate environmental, social, cultural and economic factors. The Sustainable Development Atlas is a balanced planning approach.

  • Sustainability Atlas for the Municipality of Dragash in the southern part of Kosovo. UNDP Project 2010 – 2012. Authors: Peter Bank, Florian Bemmerlein-Lux, Ismail Gagica, Ergin Hajredini. Download
Municipal Development Plan for the Municipality of Dragash/Dragaš (2013 – 2023)

The preparation of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) has been undertaken as part of the Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use Management (CBSLM) project, which covers the whole of the Municipality of Dragash/Dragaš. The Sustainable Development Atlas was the basis for the Municipal Development Plan.

  • Municipal Development Plan Dragash 2013-2013. Authors: Michael Voit, Maria Elena Zuniga Barrientos – Project Manager. This document is the summary version of the MDP –  Part I (Introduction, Profile and SWOT-Analysis), Part II (Vision, Spatial Development Framework, Strategies and Implementation Provisions) and Part III (Maps). Download
Sustainable Development Atlas – special version: Framework for a comprehensive and balanced management plan of “Sharr” National Park Kosovo

The Sustainable Development Atlas (SDA) for Sharr/Šar National Park, Kosovo, follows the path and method used to produce the Dragash SDA.

  • Framework for a comprehensive and balanced management plan of “Sharr” National Park Kosovo. Authors: Ergin Hajredini, Peter Bank, Florian Bemmerlein-Lux, Ismail Gagica, Halil Ibrahimi. Download