We offer services covering…

  • Environmental Landscape and Urban Planning
  • Biodiversity Management
  • Landscape Ecology and Applied Vegetation Science
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Water Management
  • Energy Sector Development
  • Capacity Development
  • Project Design
  • Project Evaluation
  • International Study Tours

Thematic Fields

Nature Conservation and EIAs

Reports, plans and concepts for the protection and sustainable development of flora, fauna, vegetation, and habitats in the context of landscape planning, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of projects, the FFH directive and mitigation measures. 

Environmental Planning, Management and Resource Protection

Planning base for sustainability, sustainability atlas production, zoning concepts for industrial siting and urban environments, management of ecologically sensitive zones; watershed management, habitat linkage; ecological connectivity networks; nature conservation & landscape ecology for districts, cities and municipalities.

Integrated Capacity Development & Human Resource Development

Training Needs Analysis, development of curricula, training strategies and concepts with a focus on institutional development in 1) environment, environmental management & spatial environmental planning; 2) infrastructure development; 3) vocational training systems; 4) pollution control & cleaner production; 5) disaster risk management; 6) local natural resource management, including watershed management.  

Project Proposal Design and Backstopping

Writing of proposals for grant applications and for national/international donors in the fields of spatial environmental planning (including watershed related issues), rural development, renewable energy, disaster management, and institutional development.

Project Evaluation, Proposal Assessment and Training Impact Assessment

… in the context of disaster risk management and mitigation, sustainable development, spatial environmental planning, AGENDA 21, watershed development, ecosystems and landscape ecology.

Planning, organisation and execution of exposure visits

Planning and implementation of study visits of foreign delegations to European countries with a focus on spatial planning, natural resources management, eco-industrial development, urban planning, water resources management, sustainable energy, climate change adaptation, sustainable production & consumption, and financing of development projects.

Event Management and Moderation

Conference preparation, contents management of conferences, evaluation and moderation of workshops and dialogue related seminars.

Public Relation Services

Preparation of presentation material, design and construction of project-related contributions for conferences, training events, speeches, brochures and flyers; ecological information boards and nature trails.